Christoph Kuch - Ich Weiss.

Plakat zur Show Christoph Kuch Ich weiss.

Mental magic with style and brains.


In his captivating program, Christoph Kuch takes you to the boundaries between reality and fiction.


Go with him on a dive into the depths of your dreams. Marvel with open mouth when Christoph Kuch makes your thoughts become reality. Experience an emotional journey into the impossible with the German Champion and winner of the World Championship of Magic (Mental Magic category). You will doubt your mind and your perception. Can all this really be magic?


Christoph Kuch creates a magical and breathtaking atmosphere with his exciting and fascinating stories. The experienced mentalist will amaze and inspire you at the same time. With charm and a wink Christoph Kuch opens the door to a fascinating world of thoughts, a world full of magic and entertainment.


(20 minutes to full evening)

"Kuch Served Truly the title of Master of Mental Magic."

Fränkische Landeszeitung

Magic with style and brains

Trailer to the program