Das Regenauer - Kuch - Project

Plakat zur Show Regenauer Kuch Projekt

Bernd Regenauer, Nuremberg's most famous cabaret artist and winner of the German Cabaret Prize, and Christoph Kuch, German Champion and winner of the World Championship of Magic in the field of mental magic, can be experienced for the first time as a duo on the German-speaking stage boards.


Two charismatic artists, two masters of their trade with an unusual program. An evening full of surprises and amazing effects, which will not fit into any common pigeonhole and will reverberate in the audience's heads for a long time, as it will put your perception to the test.


Interactive, intelligent, bizarre - and above all extremely entertaining, Christoph Kuch and Bernd Regenauer bring together in a highly surprising and enigmatic way what at first glance does not fit together.


Reality becomes an open game with illusions, facts become fiction. Magic meets cabaret... and that's fun!

„More and more the audience (...) is astonished, breathes away the tension and discharges the amazement in bursts of laughter." Augsburger Allgemeine