Christoph Kuch is German Champion and winner of the World Championship of Magic in the category Mental Magic. His more than 20 years of experience on the stages of this world have given him insights into human behavior, which he also passes on in seminars and coaching sessions. He is touring with three full-evening shows and entertains guests at gala-events with his extraordinary mindreading performances. 


In his book "Sei nicht abergläubisch, das bringt Unglück!" he deals in a humorous but professionally well-founded way with the questions he is always asked after his shows.

Der Mentalmagier Christoph Kuch

"This is a great form of entertainment." - Michael "Bully" Herbig (German Comedian)

The mental magician Christoph Kuch

"He's killing me."- Erwin Pelzig (German Entertainer)

the entertainer

Christoph Kuch tours with three full-length shows and can be booked for business events. Here you will find more information about the individual programs and can purchase your tickets directly.

the speaker

How do we positively influence the perception of others? In his fascinating lecture, the mentalist shows what influence happiness has on us, how we learn to be happy and why we should take new paths.

the author

Why do millions of people play the lottery? Why do we read horoscopes, even if we don't believe in them? Christoph Kuch takes us on a journey through the world of everyday psychology - with amazing insights.

"awesome!" - Matthias Schweighöfer (German Actor)