Christoph Kuch - The Author

Buch Mentalmagier Christoph Kuch

Christoph Kuch answers the questions that are really burning under your nails and thus fulfils your most secret wishes. Win the lottery, write your own horoscopes, predict the next natural disaster, and celebrate glittering parties without spending a cent on drinks. Not necessarily in that order, but in any case hilarious, politically incorrect and professionally well-founded. Gain enough knowledge to finally be considered the know-it-all you never wanted to be at the next cocktail party.


The "best mental magician in the world" (Welt am Sonntag) and "best-looking artist" (his mother) takes us on a butter journey into the world of psychological dilemmas, miracle healers, fortune cookies, womanizers and mind reading dogs. With an unbeatable mixture of subtle humor and profound expertise, he shows in a frighteningly simple way how the human mind ticks, why it ticks and why it ticks so terribly loudly.


Christoph Kuch takes us on a journey through the world of everyday psychology - with amazing insights. He is a regular guest on talk shows and the press writes enthusiastically about him.

"His book thus becomes a pearl among his peers, not only for people who tend to superstition."


"With an unbeatable mixture of subtle humor and in-depth expertise, he answers the most exciting questions of his audience"

Neue Rundschau

"Mental magician Christoph Kuch reveals his secrets - and provides exciting insights into the human mind."

Blick am Abend